Carson Stadium Cinemas Open

The new Carson Stadium Cinemas officially opened yesterday, adding a second movie theater to Carson City’s options. Now, this isn’t a new movie theater, and you can’t really call it a “grand opening” so much as a “re-opening”. That’s because Carson Stadium Cinemas is really the old Northgate Movies, which closed two years ago. The theater is back with new owners and new management, and they’re ready to make a run on the stranglehold the Galaxy Theaters has over Carson City. Although they’re not directly going up against Galaxy; this will be a second-run movie theater, showing for $3 movies that have already come and gone. Carson needs a good second-run house. The Northgate Movies was showing second-run features right before it closed, but it obviously wasn’t a good second-run house because it didn’t last long. If they can keep this theater clean and keep away the kids that always made going to the movies here a miserable experience, it just might work out. I wish them luck.

The Carson Stadium Cinemas is located at 2571 N. Carson St., right behind the KFC and Wendy’s. A few years ago I wrote an article outlining the history of Northgate Movies, as well as Carson’s other movie theaters.

There are also reports from Carson Now and RGJ.


  1. I am very happy to hear we are adding a second movie theater to Carson City. I dislike the practices of the Galaxy Theater and hope now we will have something teens can do without their parents. I remember when I was a teen many years ago we were able to see a movie without our parents escorting us. The Galaxy does not permit this for anyone under the age of 17.

    I do not have an issue with teens, I have an issue with parents who take screaming childern into a theater and adults who feel the need to play and talk on cell phones. Let us not forget, all movie theater goers need to use common curtsy.

    Come one Carson, let’s support our “new” theater!

    • That’s because the delinquent punks would go to the Galaxy and pull the same crap that they used to at the old Northgate 10. This was part of the reason why it got so run down, because little douchebag teenagers would go there and loiter and tear the place apart. I think it’s smart that the Galaxy changed their rules. I know it’s a case of the few spoiling it for the many, but now the Galaxy has a good atmosphere…so deal with it.

      As far as the discount theater goes, I’ll be happy to support it by going to see movies that I don’t deem worthy of a $6.75 entrance fee, but would still like to see it on a big screen.

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