Carson City Ghost Walk

The Carson City Ghost Walk is coming up this Saturday. Every year, around Halloween, the most haunted houses in Carson City open their doors for a guided tour, and let the public in to hear spooky tales of former residents that never quite left. There are actually two separate ghost walks, each one visiting a number of different houses, so you get to pick which walk you want to go on. This year the two walks are:

The Superstition Walk – You’ll visit the Bliss Mansion and Bliss Bungalow, the former St. Teresa’s Church, and the Stewart-Nye and Edwards homes. You’ll also hear stories about the Yerington, Jones, Rickey, Crowell, Curry, Chartz and Smail homes.

The Spells Walk – You’ll visit the Brougher Bath mansion, Brewery Arts Center, and the Esser, Rinckle and Ferris mansions. You’ll also see the Orion Clemens home, Methodist Church, Ormsby-Rosser house, St. Charles Hotel, and the Hyman-Olcovich House.

The Ghost Walk is one day only, Saturday, October 22nd. It starts at 9:30am, and tours leave from the Nevada State Museum every half hour until 2:30pm. Each tour spends about an hour and a half walking around Carson City’s historic west side, strolling the streets and visiting the open houses. Tickets are $15 per adult, and it’s recommended that you reserve a spot by calling 687-7410. I think everything before noon is already sold out.


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