Parade of Dead Guys

These grim portraits have come forth from time immemorial to burn a hole into your soul. Look into their eyes. You are getting sleepy.

Kit Carson, who Carson City was named for.

Abe Curry, founder of Carson City.

William Ormsby, who built the Ormsby House.

Frank Proctor, co-founder of Carson City.

J.J. Musser, co-founder of Carson City.

James Nye, first governor of Nevada Territory.

William Stewart, first U.S. Senator from Nevada.


  1. Wasn’t Ormsby a major in the Army and the early Laxalt family built the Ormsby House named after him? I believe that was what I read somewhere. Also it used to be Ormsby County after the major but the usual idiots in charge renamed the county Carson City County and the Ormsby name will be lost forever.

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