Job's View Development

The developer of a proposed new subdivision in the Johnson Lane area has made things a little more open by launching a website aimed at educating the public about the project. Job’s View is the name of the subdivision, and the website is at It’s a little slim on data but it does have maps of the subdivision, details on the types of houses they want to build, a proposed layout for the “Job’s View” shopping center, and a petition you can fill out if you support the project.

The plan is to build this along Heybourne Road, between Johnson Lane and Stephanie Way. There would be a shopping center at the corner of Johnson and Heybourne, backed by low-cost “workforce” housing. The rest of the lots would be around 1/3 acre, and the houses would sell for $500,000 and up. Assuming the market decline doesn’t continue. Also included with be improvements to Heybourne, which is currently a dirt road, and the Stephanie Way intersection with Hwy 395.

It all should be done in 6-10 years, according to their plan.

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