Still No Jethro's

Artists concept of the finished project.

It seems like every six to eight months we get an update on the saga of Jethro and his Wal*Mart. Today we got another report, and it’s almost identical to every other one we get. JC Penney still won’t let Jethro build his casino, but he still won’t give up and sell the building to someone else. This years-long standoff is going nowhere fast, and it’s just making Jethro into more of a joke the longer it lasts.

At least the building isn’t completely empty. The article also catalogues the many uses that the building has been put to over the years, including a garden center, haunted house, batting cages, and even church services. But none of that blunts the fact that there is a list of stores stretching around the corner that would be a good fit for that building, and that the Casino Fandango, right across the street, has pretty much killed any kind of competition in the gaming space in that part of town. And soon the Fandango will have a movie theater, and hotel rooms, just like Jethro wanted for his place.

I think it’s far past time for Jethro to give up and sell. I’d heard last year that he was looking at land in Douglas County to build his dream casino. Who knows? It might fly there. But any chance he had to put it in the old Wal*Mart building is gone, and the longer he keeps trying to make it happen, the worse it makes him look.


  1. For some reason I don’t believe Jethro is thinking he’s going to build his casino at the old Walmart location any longer. I think now, it’s just a matter of constantly reminding us of the empty promises that were made to him. Can’t say I blame him, but sad for us.

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