Both Hollywood Videos Closing

I already reported last month that the Hollywood Video on Hwy 50 would be closing. But at the time everyone said that the store at the south end of Carson would be staying open. Well, oops. Looks like they’re both closing. They both have “Store Closing” and “Everything Must Go” banners up (as well as “Still Renting!”). So that will leave Carson City with very few places to go and rent movies. Not that many people do it anymore, so I guess that’s why they’re closing. But some people do still rent, and they’ll be left out in the cold. I guess Blockbuster is about to get real busy.


  1. Blockbuster is closing 500 stores nationwide this year and is expected to move strictly to mail delivery within a few years time. Redbox and Netflix have killed the video store much the same way itunes killed cd/music stores. I dread the day when digital books/online retailer (kindle, etc.) kill book stores. Doesn’t anyone like to leave their house and socialize anymore??

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