Warm Weather

Looks like Spring is trying to make an early appearance this year. Of course I’m not fooled. We’ll get cold and snowy again, probably before the month is out. But the weather this weekend has kind of been a taste of what we’ll be in store for in a few months. It sure did the job of cleaning up the last of the remaining snow quickly. We’ve had huge snow patches all over town that have been in place since our last big snowstorm, weeks ago. Now they’re all gone, in a matter of just a couple of days. On Saturday we went up to Animal Ark north of Reno, and the rapidly melting snow had turned the roads and trails into huge mud pits. It was fun, but messy.

Also it turns out that yesterday saw record high temperatures around the region, hitting as high as 71 degrees in Minden. And today, as far as I can tell, was even warmer than yesterday. So we should enjoy this little mini spring while it lasts. I don’t see any big storms coming up in the forecast, but you know it’s going to happen sooner or later.

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