Bike To Work Party

To mark the end of Bike To Work Week, a little party was put together at the Firkin and Fox tonight. Some dinner, some drinks, and the drums of Anouaze Beat. And of course bicycles. Lots and lot of bicycles.

We went down for dinner, because the food is always good at the Firkin and Fox, and stayed a bit to listen to the music. Ran into a couple of familiar faces, and finally met for the briefest of moments Jeff Moser of

It was a good party atmosphere, and kind of set the mood for Fridays@Third, the summer concert series that takes place on this street. The first of those concerts is on June 6th, and with the Firkin and Fox finally open Fridays@Third should be better than ever.

The Firkin’s patio is the perfect place to hold an event like this. Their patio is filled with tables and chairs for the summer, and tonight it was filled with bodies.


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