Sportsman's Warehouse May Open After All

News Carson City reports that our new Sportsman’s Warehouse, which has been under construction for nearly a year, may open up after all. But since the parent company is in bankruptcy and closing down stores, this location will serve almost as a consolidation center for merchandise from other stores. And they also think Carson City will be a good location for the struggling chain, because there is very little competition in the hunting/fishing category. The Reno stores are closing because the other big boys like Cabella’s and Scheels are too much to compete against, but Carson City’s market is much less saturated, with Wal*Mart and Big 5 being the biggest places to get gear from.

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  1. To clairify, Sportsman’s warehouse is not closing in Reno or opening in Carson as a consolidation center. We do believe Carson would be a strong market for us but due to the challenging economic times will not be able to open. For additional information on Sportsman’s Warehouse please consult our web site at

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