Gottschalk's Closing

This possibility was tossed around earlier in March, but now it’s been made official. Gottschalk’s is closing, not just in Carson City but all over the country. The company has been deep in bankruptcy, and decided they’d be better off just liquidating their assets and closing down all stores. It sounds like July is the date when the doors will shut for good, although I suppose this store could close earlier if all the clearance merchandise is moved out before then.

The Reno store already closed some time ago, leaving this one as the only Gottschalk’s in Nevada. The loss of this store will leave yet another big empty box in Carson City, as well as leaving the Carson Mall without a big anchor, which has to be a blow at a time when the mall is trying to reinvent itself. Maybe the fact that this space is attached to a mall will make it more attractive to potential tenants than other big empty stores, like the old Kmart.

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