A Visit to Sutro

The Nevada Appeal today has an article about a visit to the town of Sutro, in the Dayton Valley. There’s not much to the “town”, a couple of buildings, but it is the terminus of the Sutro Tunnel, the horizontal drift tunnel that was dug to connect to the Comstock mines and drain water out without pumping. The tunnel is mostly collapsed and the town is only open to guided tours, but the small trickle of water coming out of the entrance shows that the tunnel is still doing its job.


  1. I remember visiting the Sutro tunnel in the early 1970s. There was a bar there run by a gentleman who either was or later became the Justice of the Peace in Dayton. It was a fun place to go because it was mostly locals there.

    • I, too, visited a bar in a barn near the Sutro Tunnel in the 1970’s and have a pic to prove it. Great fun, would love to visit the area again!

  2. Adolph Sutro who had this tunnel built came from San Francisco and was the Mayor there back in the day.
    He was also instrumental in building a park above the Cliff House and also near there the Sutro Baths.
    There is also the Sutro School (elementary) which I attended many years ago but is still in existence.

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