Harvey's Bombing on TV Tonight

Tonight on the History Channel (or, just “History” as it’s called now) there will be a show featuring the story of the bombing of Harvey’s casino at Lake Tahoe in 1980. The program is called “Shockwave”, and it’s airing at 10pm. The Harvey’s bombing happened when a disgruntled gambler managed to sneak a large bomb into the casino. He then tried to extort money in exchange for instructions on how to disarm the bomb. The extortion didn’t go through, and the bomb went off while authorities were trying to disarm it themselves. The blast ripped through the casino and restaurants, which had been evacuated, and caused heavy damage. But the casino was repaired and reopened, and the extortionist was caught and died in prison.

Harvey’s will be one of five stories covered in the episode, along with, according to the TV listings, “A Stealth fighter crashes into a neighborhood; a hot air balloon that looks like Smokey Bear gets snagged on an electrified radio tower, trapping two boys; a motorcycle daredevil crashes; stunt skier tumbles.”

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