Info Missing Online

Even though the Nevada Appeal posts all of its stories to its website, there is still some information that slips through the cracks. Like in this article about the Grimes Castle haunted house, which was in Sunday’s paper, on page C1. If you read the story online, you may be wondering one important fact: where is it located?

It seems that the story’s sidebar, which appeared in the print version, never made it to the website. So online readers don’t know that the address is at 3579 Highway 50 East, #113. Or the hours of operation, which are 7-10 p.m. on the following days: Oct. 17-19; Oct. 24-?26; and Oct. 30-Nov. 2. Or the phone number of (775)220-5031, and the two websites, www.grimescas? or

So with more people reading the newspaper solely through the website, and online ad revenues that hopefully will be increasing, shouldn’t the Appeal be putting more focus on making sure that online version closely echoes the print version? That online viewers are being left out?

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