Downtown Springtime

We are going through historic times right now, in Carson City and the whole world. Many businesses closed, others running at reduced capacity, everyone being asked to stay at home as much as possible. These are uncertain times, with a very unusual world. But I did manage to get out and go for a walk downtown to get some fresh air and some photos. I made sure to keep a safe distance away from others, which was easy because there weren’t many others out. Downtown businesses have been hit especially hard by everything, since most of them rely on foot traffic and encouraging people to gather inside their shops and restaurants. With none of that allowed, and most people staying at home, downtown was very empty and quiet. But signs of spring are still starting to show up. Mother Nature can’t be stopped. Let’s take a look around an empty downtown, that’s just waiting for when it can welcome people back again.

A few cars were out, but the streets were mostly empty.

The Nugget was one of the affected businesses, as all casinos have been ordered closed to halt the spread of the virus.

I never see the Nugget’s parking lot empty. There are usually cars and people here 24 hours a day.

Telegraph Square was quiet also.

Curry Street was devoid of cars, either driving or parking.

Some trees are sprouting buds and flowers, however. A reminder that the rebirth of Spring is coming.

Budding branches frame the St. Charles Hotel.

Construction is continuing on the Carson Street repaving project. The low levels of traffic probably make it easier on the workers.

Someone needs to teach the deer the meaning of social distancing.

Jack’s Bar

Through it all, work on Jack’s Bar has still been continuing. The outside of the building looks like it is almost completely done.

Still a lot left to do on the inside, though.

Capital City Flats

This isn’t a recent thing, it happened sometime in the last few months. The Nolan Inn at Carson and Washington (formerly Back On Track Inn, formerly Downtowner Motor Inn) was remodeled and renamed again. It is now called the Capital City Flats.

Bike Racks

Another new thing that happened downtown recently was the installation of new bike racks. This has been planned since downtown was remodeled four years ago, and it finally came to fruition this year. The bike racks were created by Creative Metalworks LLC in Oregon, and each one carries a sponsorship plaque.

Several different designs are found throughout downtown. They add a splash of color and creativity, while also being functional pieces of art.

They are located in front of many of the downtown landmarks and businesses.

Affected Businesses

This is a historic time, with many downtown businesses temporarily closed or off limits to the public. Casinos and bars are closed entirely. Restaurants are allowed to serve takeout food or delivery only. Some have chosen to stay open with reduced business. Others have decided to close entirely until all this blows over. Some of them may never reopen, victims of this unprecedented time. I decided to finish this up by documenting how each business was informing the public, all of them with signs taped to their windows and doors. This gallery is just a small sample of how widespread the effect has been for everyone. Hopefully these signs can come down soon.

Cactus Jack’s
Nevada State Museum
Carson City Visitor Center
Carson Valley Currency and Coins
Carson Valley Currency and Coins
Northern Nevada Coin
Northern Nevada Coin
Carson Nugget
Yang’s Kitchen

The Blue Bull
Division of Tourism
Kim Lee’s Sushi
Yaple’s Ballroom
The Basil
Edward Jones and Carson City Yoga
Jimmy G’s
City Hall
City Hall
Comma Coffee
Comma Coffee
Comma Coffee
Comma Coffee
The Fox
Attorney General’s Office
So Juicy
So Juicy
Hanifin’s Antiques
The Union
Carson Jewelry and Loan
Cipriani’s Barbershop
Rutledge Law
RCM Realty
The Squeeze Inn

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