Schlotzsky’s Deli Then and Now

Here’s another one for the “long-lost businesses” files. Schlotzsky’s is a sandwich chain that used to have locations in Reno and Carson City. The Carson City store was at the corner of William and State Streets, across from Mills Park. It opened in January 1999, when this whole little shopping center was built. There was also a Blockbuster Video in the center.

The Blockbuster Video next door

Schlotzsky’s was open for 7 years in this location, but in the end it was closed in February 2006 because the owners said they couldn’t make a profit running it. Other Schlotzsky’s around the country must have had the same problem. The chain went from having over 700 locations in 2001 to only 330 today, most of those in Texas.

Sitting empty in 2006.


While Schlotzsky’s was shrinking, another chain was growing. This building didn’t sit empty for long before Starbucks moved in. They’ve apparently been more successful than Schlotzsky’s was at this location. They’ve been able to survive here over a decade and a half.


    • Godfather’s was next to Denny’s, where Jimmy John’s is now. I need to keep looking and see if I have any photos of that.

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