Maverik Gas in Minden?

Looks like the long-abandoned Minden Gateway Center is finally getting its first tenant…a Maverik gas station? The Minden Gateway Center was supposed to be a big retail/commercial development at the corner of Hwy 395 and 88 in Minden. Everything was going along fine, they cleared all the land and poured a little bit of parking lot, they even built a hotel. But then the bottom fell out of the whole project when the real estate market tanked, and nothing ever sprouted on the site except weeds. Now Maverik Gas is ready to move into the space, looking to compete with Arco for gas sales at the north end of Minden. Nothing else has been announced yet, but maybe this is a sign that the center is not completely dead. If they can get one tenant, maybe the wheels are starting to turn and a few more will slip in.

Once upon a dream

Maybe not, though. There is only so much retail steam in Minden/Gardnerville, and the new Wal-Mart is going to suck up a lot of it when construction gets going later this year. It will be nice to see something get built on this land, at least, after all the work they did.


  1. Last I heard Walmart was going out to bid this spring. Maybe it did already. I’ve been out of the loop ever since I’ve been boycotting the newspaper.

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