Nevada Appeal Sesquicentennial Coverage

There were three Carson City history articles in the Nevada Appeal yesterday. They had Part 2 of A traveler’s impressions of Carson City, written by Caroline M. Churchill in the 1870s. There is also an article about the first days of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, with a look back at how the newspapers covered the progress of the railroad as it was built. The first photo on the page is labeled wrong, though. It shows Locomotive #20, The Tahoe, and says it’s #80 (the highest the V&T ever got was #27). It also says it’s now on display in Virginia City, when the Tahoe is actually in Pennsylvania right now. #18 is in VC.

The last “bonus” article is one on one of the founders of Carson City, B.F. Green. Previously there were no known photos of Green, and nobody thought one would ever be found. But then an armchair historian in Carson City managed to track one down, in the care of some descendants in Wisconsin. So the Nevada Appeal printed the photo, one where Green is sitting in a portrait studio with a few of his relatives. The paper circled his face and everything so you could pick him out, but there was one problem: the paper identified the wrong guy!! Read through the comments for the corrections to the paper’s captions, sent in by Joni Vella of Wisconsin.

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