Ballpark Blogging

The fantastic thing about blogs is that you can devote them to the smallest of topics. That’s what one Reno resident is doing with Reno Ballpark Update, and its companion blog. Reno Ballpark Update is an entire website devoted to just one thing: following the construction of a baseball stadium in downtown Reno. It looks like the site was set up soon after the ballpark was approved in September, and he’s been posting little tidbits since then as the project goes forward. It seems like a pretty awesome piece of work by a guy who’s nothing more than a fan of baseball. This is exactly the kind of thing we need to see more of around here, and I have a feeling we will.

I’m also jealous that this guy knows Photoshop (in fact, runs a graphic design company) and is therefore able to visually blow away everything I’ve ever created.


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