Ormsby House Front Door Then and Now


In the early 1980s, the (new) Ormsby House had only been open for around ten years, but already it was starting to look run down. This slide was one of a package used to promote tourism to the Capital City, but the soot-covered walls, haphazard windows and dark sky aren’t doing much to create an inviting atmosphere.


Now the hotel/casino is closed, but in the middle of a massive renovation. Most noticeably is the fresh coat of stucco and paint the outside has gotten, discarding the dingy brown for a gold-and-white motif. Also the giant portecochere that used to grace the Carson Street entrance was demolished, and replaced with this boxy appendage. I have it on good authority that this big room with the four curved windows will be the showcase bar and nightclub when the Ormsby House reopens.

Whenever that may be.


  1. This truly breaks my heart. Growing up in the 1980’s as a child, going to the buffet was a very special thing we did as a family. I have been so sad to see all of the renovations and to hear news that the opening keeps getting put off. I hope they will restore it to its original glory.

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