Bring Back Smallcat

The mascot of Comma Coffee, a kitty named Smallcat, has been banned from the premises due to one complaint from one angry customer. The proprietors have set up an online petition to try to get an exemption and allow the cat to come back.


  1. Based on some Health Department ratings I have been witness to in recent past, I say having the cat is far less a health hazard than say, employees neglecting to wash hands, improper food storage, etc. That is only scratching the surface (no cat pun intended). To deny Comma Coffee of a time-honored tradition of a beloved mascot, is, in my humble opinion, criminal. Studies have shown animals to be instrumental in bringing light and happiness to one’s spirits, and, who in their heart of hearts would want to deny that?? I work for a Park that has quite a few four-legged visitors, mascots and such….dogs, cats, deer, etc… and, I can tell you, they always bring joy to those who come calling. Please reconsider this ruling, and, allow Smallcat to return. Thanks for listening.

  2. I am not the customer who complained but as an asthma and cat allergy sufferer, I can relate. In a perfect world, I’d have five cats and no problems with allergies that have, in the past, kicked off asthma episodes. Believe me, it’s not fun. I hope the majority wins but I will not go to CC if the cat is there.

  3. I didn’t mind the presence of the cat, though I have never seen anyone be successful at keeping a cat off countertops. What I do mind is that, with the exception of the owner, comma coffee’s employees never wash their hands after handling money. For that reason no one from my building will eat there, even though it’s only a five minute walk away. I went in one recent morning and after the employee took my money she turned right around and picked up food off the counter, then proceeded to remove a bagel from the bag and put it in the toaster. Having a hand washing sink doesn’t do much good if the employees don’t ever use it. I stick to the coffee.

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