First Snow

It was quite the nice little surprise to wake up this morning and see a thin blanket of snow all over everything. It never happens when you think it’s going to happen, and no matter how stormy it may be up in the mountains, if it’s not snowing when you go to bed you don’t expect it to be snowing when you get up. But it was, and it’s always exciting to catch that first glimpse of white out the window.


Of course it stopped snowing pretty quick, and now the temperature is rising and the snow is making a hasty retreat. This is the same thing that always happens around here. We get the snow, but it doesn’t stick around for us to enjoy it. By the time noon rolls around, it’s all melted. Either that or the opposite happens, like last January, when we got fifteen inches dumped on us and it took a month to melt. And then we got the fog. Good times.

But no, that’s not happening this time. Our piddly little half inch of snow is already dripping from the gutters, and it will be a memory soon, leaving behind nothing but soggy ground. Oh well. Can’t have it all.

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