Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Now Open

It seems like Carson City has been stagnant for a long while, without much new stuff opening. So it’s good to see something new, anything new. This week Dickey’s Barbecue Pit opened in the North Carson Crossing center, by the College Parkway Walmart. It’s moved into the corner space that previously held the K9 Dog House, and before that Mr. Pickle. That space has turned into quite a revolving door for tenants; it seems like nobody can make it work there. Maybe Dickey’s will be the one that finally does it.

Dickey’s is fast food BBQ, another in a string of “fast casual” chains that are trying to get people to realize fast food doesn’t all have to be McDonald’s and Taco Bell (see also Qdoba, Panda Express). It’s a franchise with 200 locations across the U.S., and there are already three in Reno. So it’s not as exciting as a local chef coming up with a local concept. But I’m not going to complain about somebody taking a chance on Carson City. True, it’s a chain, but it’s also a franchise, and the owner, Farrokh Hormazdi, is local to Northern Nevada. So that’s good enough for me. It probably won’t be an adequate replacement for Locals BBQ, but I’ll still go try it out.


  1. Have to give a shout out to this chain! We have a few here in the Phoenix area and they do have delicious food at resonable prices. They also offer catering, which is convenient. And no, I don’t own a franchise 🙂

  2. I’ve been to this place three times now. I was surprised at how good the brisket is! They have real smokers, unlike other “BBQ” places of the Hawaiian persuasion. I’ve also tried the pulled pork, chicken, and ribs. Not bad at all for fast food, and there still seems to be a steady line of customers a week into operations which is always a good sign.

    Good luck to this new business!

  3. We ate at the Dickey’s that inhabited Summit Sierra in south Reno quite a few times, though it opened and closed within a matter of months. It was pretty good stuff indeed.

  4. I’ve been a few times now to this location. Its smaller then most of the other outlets but seem big enough for here. The food is pretty good, maybe not the top end of BBQ, but definitly worth the price. The prices are very reasonable although the speed of the line inside is kind of slow, but that gives you time to go over the menu! Pulled prk is great, plus you get all the ice cream (soft) you want!

  5. Scott-Great website!! The Ghosts of Carson project is a great concept…But we almost fell over laughing when you claimed “Locals BBQ” was even halfway decent (can Dickey’s do as well, you pondered?)… In our three encounters at “Locals”, the help was pretty rude, the food was lousy, and as a bonus the food was overpriced…Someone pumped a fortune into that place-and it was never good.
    The main reason so many restaurants businesses fail here is they are actually hobbies-with disinterested ownership…We don’t see too many franchises failing do we?

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