English Pubs

This seems to the be the year for English Pubs. First there was the news that a new pub, Firkin and Fox, will be opening in the ground floor of the St Charles Hotel. Jim Phalan of High Sierra Food & Beverage sent me this picture of him and his brother hanging a sign off the side of the hotel, and let me know that construction should be starting very soon (if it hasn’t already) and the opening date is set for November 1st.

Now, if this was just another bar I’d have no interest in it. As a non-drinker I don’t give a firkin’ fox about a new bar opening up in town. But everything I’ve been hearing about this place paints it as a full restaurant too; it’s part of a chain that’s already been established in Canada, and is now making waves into the US. It reminds me a lot of T.S. McHugh’s in Seattle, so we’ll probably be sure to check it out when it opens.

And apparently there’s another English pub that’s opening this weekend, out Long Street just one block off Hwy 50. Nowhere Nevada reports that this new place looks amazing and they really put a lot of work into the decor. It’s located at 1881 E. Long St, and it may or may not be called the Feisty Goat.

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