Mapes Memory

Mapes Hotel

I got this comment on an old post about the Mapes Hotel in Reno, memories from someone who used to work there.

I worked at the Mapes Hotel restaurant in 1968, and again in the mid-70’s as an elevator operator. I was working the day that a theatre just next to the Mapes was demolished (we were informed of the time, and told to halt running the elavators for that short span because of possible seismic activity, that never really was noticed inside the hotel or elevator car); that event had caused a lot of controversy, as I’m sure the razing of the lovely old hotel caused. Public outcry didn’t count for much in either case. I used to love it when the Sky Room was open for luncheons or special occasions. Such a nice view…from such a nostalgic room.

I was saddened when I learned of the demise of the place. It really was a special place. With all the ups and downs (pun intended), I thoroughly enjoyed working there.

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