Ormsby House Renovation Photos – May, 2006

Work has been stopped for months and months at the Ormsby House. This is going to be a short update.

Here they opened up a hole to the roof from the second floor.

One of the new windows in the hotel tower ended up broken. Somebody playing baseball up there?

The hotel floors are still all studs, with no drywall. So there goes my theory that they’ve been working furiously on the tower all this time.

And here’s a shot inside the casino/restaurant space. Looks like FakeRock™ stacked up on the floor

And that’s all there is. As long as work is stopped, I’m not going to be doing monthly updates anymore. So if there’s nothing new here on this site, there’s nothing new going on at the hotel. Look for another update the next time something’s changed at the Ormsby House!

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