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I came across another new local blog today, It looks like a few local people trying to build an online community. They say it’s 10% completed. But it’s mostly anonymous, so it’s hard to tell who or what is behind it.

And speaking of anonymous, there was an interview online with Myrna the Minx of Reno and Its Discontents. She talks about why she blogs, why she stays anonymous, and how hard it is to build a community of writers, not just readers. Tell me about it.

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  1., aka Discover Reno and Lake Tahoe, is my blog. I have shrouded it in mystery because I have big plans that are not quite ready to be unveiled. I, just as Scott, am a professional in the web design industry and I am always looking for an outlet. Currently, my mission is to create something totally amazing for online Northern Nevada.

    Scott, you are completely correct: I am just trying to build a community as of right now. It’s a little harder than I thought to build such a online community here because Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Carson residents are still getting used to spending their time on blogs. I moved back from Portland, OR where you would build a blog and have crowds visiting everyday; Portland had a great social, online community. Never mind the Northwest however. I am back in the beautiful Sierras and I want to get people engaged and opinionated about our communities. Stay tuned for more at and sign up for our email newsletter!

    Thanks Scott!

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