New Carson City Toyota Construction

So the economy is in the tank, auto makers are struggling like they’ve never struggled before, product lines are being pulled, and local dealerships are being cut loose from the national brands. So what should Carson City Toyota do to get through these lean times? Tighten their belts? Cut costs to weather the storm? Or spend millions of dollars to build a new dealership less than a mile from their current one?

If you’re Dick Campagni, you choose door #3. Carson City Toyota is going ahead with the plans that have been in the works for years now to build a new state of the art dealership on South Carson Street. They’re not letting the problems in the economy dampen their spirits at all towards the project. Of course I’m sure it helps that Carson City Redevelopment is chipping in $4 million towards the project; basically a low-interest construction loan from the city.

Now this week ground has broken on the new facility. Bulldozers are on site, and in just a couple of days they’ve already cleared off most of the sagebrush from the site. So we’re at the point now where they’re Actually Doing It, not just Endlessly Talking About It. This is definitely a good boost for local construction companies. Dick Campagni just needs to hope his Toyota franchise isn’t pulled before the new dealership opens in January.

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