L&L Barbecue Closed

After two years, the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue at the Carson Mall has closed. This was one of the first businesses to open in the grand remodeling plans for the mall, but it’s since been overshadowed by other, better, restaurants moving in next door. L&L opened in January 2009, so it pretty much lasted exactly two years. We went to L&L once or twice when it opened, and it was nothing special so we never went back. If we ever were at the mall we’d much rather eat at Schat’s, or Paradise Cove, or even Charley’s Subs. L&L was at the bottom of our list, and probably at the bottom of many other people’s lists as well. So here’s hoping some other eatery fills the space soon, and that it’s a better draw and gives us a reason to go there.


  1. I wonder if this is a part of the L and L chain in Hawaii. If it is, I’m surprised it opened an outlet in Carson City. I’m a Hawaii resident and it seems to me the cuisine isn’t for Carson City, Reno maybe where a lot of Hawaii people visit but otherwise, the chain doesn’t seem to fit elsewhere.

    I enjoy your posts, especially the ones with pictures.



  2. L&L wasn’t the right place for Carson, I suppose. The stores in reno are always full with customers, and I for one am sad they are gone. They offered alot of different kind of options, and I’m a little disappointed carson couldn’t embrace that. On a side note, Schats is expanding, that’s what the checkerboard floor is about.

  3. Scott,

    You make this site so awesome!!!! You hit the money when it comes to L&L Hawaiian BarBQ!!!! Not!!!! You my friend are an idiot I hope You take this site down soon!!! This site hurts peoples lives by saying untrue things about people I hope you the worst in life and may god look the other way when you need help!!!



    By the way L&L has wonderful food and its a shame you don’t could not have enjoyed their food. Owners Doug and Al not only broght good food from Hawaii but also brought Aloha!!!

  4. Greetings
    L&L was fine…This area is hell on restaurants, and why did that other
    local restaurant get 40K from the city to help with their start up.?
    That was nonsense…
    Most area resturants are pretty mediocre-it’s tough with the casino competition…
    BTW:The Chinese joints in town are ALL unusually bland and
    inconsistent…Carson is a lousy town for decent restaurant food..’
    name any of them-none is exceptional…(except Adeles)
    Firkin is a overpriced joint…Nevada Brewery has undrinkable expensive beer…
    One huge problem is lackluster and lazy staff on board..
    Another huge issue is the restaurants with 11am-3 pm banker’s hours…

  5. JMO, but L&L catered a banquest for a group I belonged to, and the food was pretty bad. Not the recipes, but the way the food was overcooked, undercooked, cold (or warm whenit should have been cold)and plain unappetizing. Maybe part of the problem was the catering aspect, but if you are going to cater, you should have a plan in place to cook the food properly, don’t let it dry out, but still keep warm food warm, and cold food cold.

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