I just wanted to drop in a quick note to let you all know why I haven’t been around this week. I know, more excuses about why I’m not posting, but this time it’s all legitimate. On Monday I went in for surgery to have my tonsils removed and my deviated septum fixed. Things that probably should have been done a decade ago, but better late than never, eh? So all week I’ve been strapped to a La-Z-Boy, trying to fight the fog that’s been coming at me from the triple threat of having a very sore and very swollen throat, a very swollen nose, and regular doses of that which they call “Lortab” but in actuality is Vicodin that you drink. Yummy.

So through all that I’ve barely had the chance to pick up a computer, and when I have just forming English sentences has proven to be a singular challenge. This of course coincides with the week where I’ve probably gotten the most e-mail from you readers out there ever. So if you’ve written me and have been wondering how rude I am for not getting back to you, at least let this serve as a weak excuse.

Hopefully one day I’ll be out of the clouds and back down on Earth, and able to adhere to the duties of the site once again. And if the surgeries had their desired effect, which is to pull me out of the clouds I’m normally in because I wasn’t ever getting any kind of quality sleep, hopefully I’ll have a renewed energy with which to attack the site and your e-mails.

But until then, I hear that Lortab calling my name again.

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