The Snow

So this is it. This is supposed to be The Big One. The big storm of the season, or at least the first to drop any snow that has any chance of sticking around for more than a day.

You know I usually take weather reports with a grain of salt, especially anything having to do with moisture here on the leeward side of the mountains. I’ve seen too many reports of a “storm train” or whatever they’re calling it, that end up petering out to nothing. But this storm has already delivered on one promise: they said it would rain all day Friday, with gusty winds. And that’s exactly what happened. They said it would turn to snow overnight, and now I look outside as it’s getting dark to see flakes start to fall. So I might be starting to believe that we’ll wake up tomorrow to 6-12 inches of snow.

I still won’t completely believe it until I see it, though.


  1. Please keep us out-of-towners updated! CNN and the weather channel are fixated on Truckee. And yeah, duh, Truckee always gets dumped on.

    Tymxgrl — thank you!

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