Ormsby House Renovation Photos – November, 2004

Another month has come, and more progress has been made. They’re still working from the top down, and they’re getting pretty close to ground level. Let’s see what’s going on.

Very soon after the month began, the scaffolding came down on the east side of the tower. On the other side, the west side, it came down slowly, a few rows a day. But here it seemed to be gone overnight. That’s two sides out of four; let’s see if they can get the ends too.

The tower shines brightly while people work on the casino’s exterior. Everything’s in various stages of paint/primer. We’ve got white, dark grey, yellow, and blue here. The united colors of Ormsby.

The outside is finished, but the inside is not. From way up here on Thompson street you can still see clear through the hotel. I’ve seen lights on in there, though, so I know they’re starting to work on it.

Here’s the north side of the tower, free and clear of scaffolding. Those four windows on the top floors are new; they were added during the remodel. Those must be the corner suites.

On the south side, dismantling is taking place right before our eyes. Grab a board, and pass it down.

Soon the south side was done too, and the hotel tower was finally finished. Or, I should say “finished”, since I’m sure they’ll have more detail work and signage going up one day. But the new look of the tower has made its permanent mark on Carson City’s skyline.

Out of the sky and onto the streets, we have this look at the back wall. Where there used to be a door, one of the main entrances from the parking garage actually, there is now nothing but wall. After creating so many new openings in the building, they finally closed one up.

Here’s a quick look at the bridge. Plaster work is still being done. And, just like the hotel tower, the interior work is waiting until the exterior is finished.

The protective plastic wrap is in shreds, and doesn’t really seem to be protecting much anymore. I have a feeling it’s coming down soon.

Back by Carson Street, the downward creep of the white continues. White paint is showing up on the second floor, and the ground floor is getting its plaster layered on.

The north part of the casino gets the same treatment. Take a look back at this photo to see just how much structural change they’ve made to this part of the building.

The tower barely peeks out over the casino.

From the parking garage we get this shot looking up at the new tower.

And here’s a closeup of the detail work they’ve done at the corners, under the eaves, and in between the windows. This is such an improvement over what was there before — nothing, basically. After years of being teased we’re finally starting to see how great the Ormsby is going to look when it’s all done.

A surprise snowstorm closed out the month, but the tower was ready for it. The casino’s not quite ready yet, as they had hoped, but the tower stands there defiantly, as if saying, “Bring it on.”

More in December. How quickly can they get the lower levels sealed off against the winter, so they can finally start putting the interior back together? Stay tuned and find out.

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