Don't believe everything you read in the paper.

The first English pub in Carson City, contrary to the Nevada Appeal’s article about the Firkin Fox, is a little hidden hot spot called the Feisty Goat Pub. Located at 1881 E. Long St. in an obscure strip mall dominated mostly by Latino businesses, the Feisty Goat is definitly not what it seems by looking at it. Nestled at the far end of the strip on the corner of Humboldt and Long, the bar is very unobtrusive, we’ll say, as in, if you blink you may miss it. They have a sign on the corner totem, and a little a-frame near the side walk, neither of which made any difference once I spotted the Guiness Stout neon in the window.

Immediately upon walking in, I notice that this is not what I had invisioned as I opened the door. I saw crown moulding, stained wood, embossed walls, real, actual art and it’s NON-smoking! Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect next, but I wanted to know more. As I walked up to their stunning Montana Blue Spruce (I asked) slab bar, I was warmly greeted by the bartender Rob, who turned out to be one of the owners. I asked what kind of beer they had on tap (although I knew what I wanted) and Rob pointed me towards their ten beer tap rail. I like to think that I have been to quite a few bars, especially around here, and although I have seen more variety, I have not seen a more well balanced blend of unique micro brews.

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