5th Annual Belmont Roundup

If you’re looking to get away from civilization, and I mean really away, head out to Belmont on August 9th for the 5th Annual Belmont Roundup, a night of music, poetry, and storytelling. It’s taking place at the Belmont Saloon, and will feature The Peavine Pickers, as well as an open jam session for anyone who wants to bring a guitar.

If you’ve never been to Belmont, just keep driving until you reach the end of the earth. Then go another fifteen miles, and you’ll find it. Either that or go to Tonopah, and head north. About 270 miles from here.

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Belmont is an old mining town (what town in Nevada isn’t?), and has nearly dried up except for a few stragglers who keep the town running. The Belmont Saloon is owned by a coworker of mine, who lives in the Carson area but heads out to the ends of Nevada every now and then to sling drinks for the three or four tourists who come through town. This jam session is just a fun way for him to drum up a little more business and get some of his friends out to the saloon.

One of the main attractions in Belmont is the Belmont Courthouse, built in 1876 when Belmont was named the county seat of Nye County. Belmont didn’t last, drying up and blowing away before the end of the century. But the courthouse still stands, strong as the day it was built, now protected as a state park. And aside from the courthouse, there are plenty of old ruins scattered around the town.

So if you’re going to make a trip to Belmont, make sure to do it on the 9th, when there will actually be a few people in town!

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