Kelley-Schulz House Then and Now


This is Division Street in Carson City, between Proctor and Musser. The Kelley-Schulz House, built in 1874, is in the center. The streets and sidewalks in this part of town were still dirt in the early 20th century, and without underground storm drains they would often become muddy and the gutters would turn into rivers. Here at the corner you can see a little wooden bridge that was built to get from the sidewalk to the street when that happened.


Today all of Carson’s streets are paved, although when we get heavy rain and snow some of the gutters still end up flooded. The Kelley-Schulz house is still here. It’s no longer a residence, though; now it houses the Small Blessings Christian Preschool. The house next door didn’t fare so well. It was torn down when the Methodist church next door expanded in 1909; the church’s north wing now takes up part of the lot.


  1. Glad to see one of our family’s houses on your site! There is one small nagging problem though, and it’s been repeated out in Steward where the family orignated…the name is Schulz, withOUT a t. A minor oversite to some, but when it’s your family it makes a difference. Thanks for all your efforts!

  2. I’d like to know the history and why it’s called the Kelley- Schulz house? My grandmother grew up on the Schulz Ranch outside of Carson City. Did possibly one of her brothers own the house?

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