Carson River Canyon

Backyard Traveler by Rich Moreno: Exploring the Old Carson River Road. The timing on this article is kind of spot on, because I’ve been sifting through some old pictures (and by old I mean 1870s) of the Carson River Canyon and the reduction mills that used to sit along the river there. I was planning on adding them to the WNHPC this weekend. The mills were a popular subject for the photographic expeditions that would come over from California, so there are a few really good photos of the mills and the canyon.

I’ve also had an interest in the canyon because I’ve been focusing a lot lately on the V&T Railroad. Aside from the article I wrote last week, about the new railroad construction in Mound House, and the articles I have in the pipeline, about the V&T original route through Mound House and the new Carson City depot site, an in-depth look at the V&T’s route through the Carson River Canyon would be a perfect addition to the series. The railroad’s grade still exists in the canyon, and it’s still passable with a 4WD vehicle. That’s what Rich talks about in his story. I don’t have access to a 4WD, though, unless I borrow one from my work (which I can imagine explaining to my boss after I’ve rolled it into the river). So any trip into the canyon would need to be on foot. Which is probably better for taking pictures anyway. All just more stuff to toss into the procrastination bucket.

Watch for the 1870s pictures this weekend, though. I’ll try to get all those published.

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