Power Outage

Gotta give a shoutout to Sierra Pacific Power Company. We had a power outage on the west side of town today. It started as a brownout, where the lights were only on halfway and the computers didn’t have enough juice to boot up. And then after an hour of that it turned into a full blackout, with no power at all. SPPCo trucks were swarming the neighborhood all afternoon trying to track down the cause of the outage, and every half hour the power would come on, only to switch off again after a loud BOOM echoed through the neighborhood.

But, the lights finally came back on, and stayed on. Another good job by Sierra Pacific’s line crews. You don’t realize how much you need electricity until an entire office shuts down because you don’t have any.


  1. Yeah, no joke. I’m imagining transformers blowing up all over town, raining down sparks and chunks of molten metal.

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