11 Most Endangered Places

Preserve Nevada has come out with their annual list of the 11 Most Endangered Places in Nevada. This is a list they compile every year of historic sites around the state that are in danger of being destroyed, and that are in desperate need of some kind of preservation efforts. Carson City made the list once, with the First Presbyterian Church that was in the news earlier this year. Even though it looks like a compromise was worked out that will keep the old church standing, it stayed on the list.

And plus, the photo of the church? The one that they used on their website, brochures, and calendar? It’s mine. It’s a photo I took earlier this year, and they asked to use it. So I guess that means I’m a published freelance photographer, even though I did give it to them “pro bono”. Now I just need to work on getting a paying gig…

Anyway, here’s the 2006 list. You can find more details on their website.

  1. Gilcrease Family Properties, Las Vegas
  2. Historic Austin
  3. Historic Goldfield
  4. Commercial Row, Wells
  5. First Presbyterian Church, Carson City
  6. Hillside Cemetery, Reno
  7. The Huntridge Theatre, Las Vegas
  8. Nevada Northern Railway East Ely Shops and Yard, Ely
  9. Round Hill Pines Resort, Tahoe
  10. Southern Nevada Adobe Structures – Kiel Ranch, Las Vegas
  11. Virginia Street Bridge, Reno

Preserve Nevada is also putting on a symposium this fall for folks engaged in preservation efforts. The symposium takes place September 7-9, 2006, in Ely. There are more details on this, too, at their website.

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