Carson City Freeway Construction

This weekend the new bridge over the Carson City Freeway opened at Snyder. It was 16 months ago, March of 2013, that the road was closed to begin work on this bridge.

This is the last bridge that needs to be built along the freeway route. Well, that’s not quite true. There’s still an overpass in the works for where Hwy 50 coming down Spooner Grade meets 395. But NDOT has decided to push that project back and not let it hold up the opening of the freeway.

So now that all the bridges along Phase 3 are finished, the next job is to put down the road. But, as is usual for this project, that’s going to have to wait. They won’t start on that until next summer at least, or whenever they have the money to finish it.

So we’re still a long ways away from having a completed freeway through Carson City. But we’re officially one step closer today, and everyone who drives Snyder Avenue is doing a happy dance because they don’t have to detour anymore.


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