Fandango Housing

Casino Fandango really is the little bunny that just won’t quit, isn’t it? First they were talking about building a hotel tower and retail space, then they added a movie theater to the plan, and now they’ve got an eye on building 184 single-family houses on the hills surrounding the casino.

Of course, ground hasn’t been broken on any of this, and the new plan for housing has yet to be approved by the city. Supposedly the houses will sell for under $300,000, but part of that is because they won’t have any land. All of these houses, all 184 of them, are supposed to be squeezed onto a 22-acre parcel, giving each house less than 1/8 of an acre. That’s some high-density living! The Nevada Appeal has an online poll asking readers if this is a good idea, and so far the results are 60/40 No.

The casino is supposed to start its next big building phase in July, breaking ground on the movie theater and a casino expansion. The 100-room hotel will come after that, followed by the housing, if it’s approved. And all of this is happening about a mile away from where the new Bodine’s casino is going to start construction soon, and literally right across the street from Jethro’s permanently-stalled project. I think one day we’re going to wake up and be overrun by casinos and not quite know how it happened.

If, that is, the Fandango ever stops talking and starts building something.

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