First Snow

Quite a welcome sight this morning to wake up to a dusting of snow everywhere. I saw the flakes start falling late last night, as promised, but I wasn’t sure if it would keep up and start sticking. But we ended up with enough to leave a nice dusting everywhere. Apparently Minden and Genoa got hit the worst. There was hardly anything in Carson City.

This is the earliest snow I can remember in a long time. On top of that, we had some late spring snows earlier this year. Which led to one of the shortest summers ever, only five months from snow to snow.

Now, this doesn’t mean winter has started. Temperatures are getting back up to the 70s next week, and it’s not unheard of to see 80s and 90s in October. So we’ll be back in shorts one more time this year I predict. But I wonder if this is a sign that we’ll have a nice wet winter this year? We could really use one.


  1. Same here in the UK, it usually doesn’t snow until November and last week-end we woke up and found the garden and patio covered in snow ! Was quite beautiful too and my dogs loved to play in the snow.

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