The Check Is Here

Did you get your rebate? The tax rebate checks were sent out yesterday in the mail, with every Nevada resident getting between $75 and $275 for each car that they registered in 2004. We got our three checks, and found a personalized little note from Governor Kenny inside the envelope.

One thing you want to watch out for is that you might have to pay taxes on this check. The minimum amount of the rebate is $75. But if you paid less than that to register your car in 2004, the remainder of the $75 is taxable. And, if you got the $75 “senior rebate” even though you don’t have a car, the whole amount is taxable. Yeah, it’s kind of a screwed up deal. But you’re only going to have to pay $1 or $2 in taxes on that amount, so you’re still ahead in the long run.

Here’s the link to the IRS explanation of what’s going on.

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