Sticks and Stones

Last year, Governor Gibbons got his rocks on when he ordered boulders to be placed at the entrances to the Nevada State Capitol grounds. This was in response to threats received against multiple governors, and it was a quick solution that I think was always meant to be temporary. It took a new governor coming in to make the arrangements a little more permanent, though. Last month the rocks were moved aside and new bollards were put in.

I always thought the rocks were kind of silly, like they needed a quick solution and just looked around for what they had available in the backyard. But now after a year of looking at the rocks, they do have a bit of charm that these new poles don’t. It kind of fits with Nevada’s old reputation as a frontier state, like the kind of thing they would have done 130 years ago if they wanted to stop wagons from getting into the capitol. The new poles look they were picked out of a catalog; they could have at least tried to find something that blended in better with the iron fence. Oh well.

And they kept one of the rocks around! For now, at least.


  1. I liked the rocks. The posts are just an obvious and ugly attempt to stop a car bomb. The rocks also could have been an artistic statement or a nod to our mining history, etc. They could have glued some plaques to them. The posts are a waste of money and ugly.

  2. I agree, but they are necessary. They could have chosen different bollards. Maybe in the future they will change them. I happen to work for McGraw-Hill Construction. Check out their website. They have a large selection of different types of bollards that would probably work better.

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