Deogee and Honey Lost

Missing since Sunday December 14 from Watt Road, off Goni, Carson City, Nevada. They were together when last seen and very possibly still so. they never left each others side since Deogee entered their family as a new baby.

Reward for the safe return of Deogee and Honey. $700
775-292-0746 or 916-420-4368

Honey is a honey colored female Pomeranian. She is very peteite about 6 pounds. Very sweet nature and has had dental work. She is a spayed 14 year old senior. Geogee is a Male Teddy Bear Pomeranian, approx. 8 pounds, 2-1/2 years old. Has short hair and an incredible personailty. He has a stocky body and large feet.


  1. Oh man .. as a major dog lover, I’m really sorry to hear about this!

    I just heard about this service on the radio the other day – a web site called I’m not trying to endorse a service or anything, but I checked out their web site and thought, well, if it was me and my dogs were lost, there really wouldn’t be any expense too great. Maybe this could help??

    Good luck! I sure hope you find them safe and sound. It’s cold out there!


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