Nevada Appeal Sesquicentennial Coverage

There were three articles on Carson City’s history this weekend, but only two directly part of the Sesquicentennial coverage. First comes part 2 of the story of Billie Lynch, an African-American who worked for President Lincoln and was in the theater when he was shot. Billie Lynch later moved to Carson City and worked at the U.S. Mint. He lived until 1936, and could have been as old as 110 when he died.

Also there is an article looking at some of the newspaper stories of 1878, printed in the Morning Appeal.

And lastly, there was an article about the Home and Gardens tour that was held yesterday, where several of the west side homes opened their doors to visitors. The article give historical sketches of a few houses on the tour, like the Smail House, the Foreman-Roberts House, the Olcovich-Meyers home, and others.

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