There’s a fascinating discussion going on on Facebook about memories of Murdock’s clothing store, and the owner Roger who apparently had a bad habit of “checking up” on people in the changing room…

You are probably from Carson city if….


  1. Roger may have had some bad habits with wanting to be helpful. But he was very good to my mother and myself with credit for shoes or snow boots. We didn’t always have the money when new shoes or snow boots were needed

  2. My grandma worked at Murdock’s for many years in the 1970’s when I was a little girl. I have many memories there. Roger Murdock would let my grandma watch me for a few hours while she was working. I would sit upstairs in the beauty shop and watch the pretty ladies do hair.

  3. I have all of the Murdock’s sale papers from the 1970’s. My grandma saved them all. When my grandma passed away I Kept them. There are pictures of all the sales people and Roger Murdock. They are treasures for sure!

  4. Mr. Murdock did have a bad habit of looking over the dressing room doors when women were dressing. It was unnerving. However, in the sixties and early seventies, it was about the only place to buy a dress.

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