Carson City Freeway Art

They’ve been putting up a lot of art along the Carson City Freeway in the last couple of years. At Fairview and Fifth Street there are the wire sculptures of settlers and natives, they bolted silhouettes of cows onto the railings, and now they’re starting to sandblast etchings into some of the overpasses. The most elaborate etching is this one, under the Hwy 50 overpass. It represents the old V&T Roundhouse.

[flickr 6839616082] [flickr 6985737157]

I’ll have to do a whole photo series on all the art being installed.


  1. Who’s paying for this? What a total waste of money. Try improving roads or public schools, libraries, etc. I thought Nevada was hurting for money. What a joke.

  2. I totally agree with Linda. We’re not supposed to be using cellphones because they distract us, but what about all of these metal sculptures that take our eyes off of the road to see? Whoever got this passed is way off base. Use the money instead to bring some of the layed-off state employees back to work! The really lame placement is right next to the round-abouts on Arrowhead Drive. Thanks for providing us with an accident waiting to happen.

  3. My whole family has said the same thing who do u to voice ur opinion what a waste of money for Carson city’s sake it better b donated it makes me mad every time I pass it I wonder how many police or fire fighter could of kept thier job at the price of that project

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