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There’s a site that been running for a couple of months that’s offering Carson City news and, more importantly, news video. is produced by Dave Morgan, and it’s mostly a companion website to his daily news broadcast on cable channel 18. But the exciting thing about this website is that you can actually watch the news videos right from the website, without having to tune into the TV. This is a great thing to see happening in Carson City, and I wish Dave luck in carrying it forward. It sounds like the website is already getting interest from advertisers, and he may decide to cut loose the TV broadcast and go web-only one day.

I wrote a more in-depth look at, and the whole online video movement, over at my personal website.

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  1. How would I be able to purchase a video that Mr. Morgan recorded of an arrest of my husband (Felipe Vanegas) on or about 1/15/05? If you could please let me know, I’m very interested as to what went on at that time. Thank-you for your help.

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