You are probably from Carson City if….

Over the past few days, all around the country, pages have been popping up on Facebook and catching like wildfire. Our local one is You are probably from Carson city if…., but there are also ones for Gardnerville, Reno, Fernley, and countless other towns around the country. They are places for people to gather and post memories about people you knew and places that are gone from your hometown. For some reason, though, these pages have been exploding in the last few days. CNN says it’s because Facebook has been changing their algorithms so the posts are more visible, and then once people saw it it just took off. Whatever the cause, this Carson City page has been on fire, this morning especially. There have been posts  about the Penguin drive-in, Silver City Mall, Happy Steak, J.J.’s Ear Candy, and countless people they went to school with. If you’re on Facebook, you should visit the page and see if you can dredge up any memories of your own.

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