Fathers Ride Free

I’m sitting here at my mother-in-law’s house, and I keep hearing the train whistle floating across the breeze from the Railroad Museum. And that keeps reminding me; since today is Father’s Day, fathers ride free on the steam train all day. The train runs until 4pm today, so if you haven’t already been down there, and it’s not too late, you should make the trip. Not too many towns have real, live, operating steam trains downtown, even if all it does is go around and around in a circle.

You also should plan to go to the Railroad Museum on the 4th of July (and the weekend before), becuase that’s one of the few times in the year they bring out their prized locomotive, the wood-fired Inyo. Built in 1875, the Inyo is the archetypal image of a “steam engine” that everyone carries around with them, and they only bring it out on special occasions. Make sure to go down there in July and see it.

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