Minnesota Street Abandoned?

Dave Morgan writes (as the last item in this long post) that the Brewery Arts Center has put in a request to the city to abandon one block of South Minnesota Street, between King and Second, to create a large plaza in between their old Brewery building and their performance hall in the former Catholic Church. The folks who live in the area aren’t too happy with the idea, because not only will it disrupt traffic along Minnesota and force people to find a way to drive around, but it also will encourage the BAC to hold more outdoor events, which they say ruins their peace and quiet.

As someone who works just a couple of blocks away, I can’t say I’m completely disinterested. I like hearing the music at night when they hold concerts, and I imagine if I lived around here I’d leave the window open to listen to it. But I also drive on that stretch of Minnesota, not often, but enough to be inconvenienced by it closing. If they really intend to make part of it into a public plaza, and not just more parking, I might be able to get behind it.

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